Anywhere Anytime

Our Solution


Skelable’s device empowers patients to perform Activities of Daily Living (ADL) autonomously, such as pouring a glass of water or cutting with a knife.


Our Device allows for patients to repeat  the treatments designed for them by their therapists. Enhanced treatments lead to superior rehabilitation.

Remote treatments

Therapists can monitor and treat patients remotely thanks to the unique sensory system.

AI guidance

AI guidance makes it possible to monitor patients, mark improvement for therapists, and suggest rehabilitation protocols that show proven results.

Our Story​

Skelable was initially developed as a tool to assist our aging parents. After we saw remarkable improvement in the condition of Orna, Avi’s mother, our team decided to assist others as well. Our solution has been tested on multiple patients with a wide range of mobility issues, including patients suffering from CVA, SCI, and ALS.

Our Mission

Empower patients worldwide with personalized care through our remote robotic innovations. We aim to be the cornerstone in enabling advanced rehabilitation diagnostics, transcending boundaries, and delivering unparalleled optimal health and mobility to patients, wherever and whenever needed.